Gamescom 2022: Time to set your schedule and meetings with MeetToMatch

Devcom and gamescom are both right around the corner and it is time to start setting your schedule. You can do this easily through MeetToMatch The Cologne Edition.

Since 2013, I have been attending gamescom as Press. As a content creator and a person that works in Marketing, I know the importance of having my week planned out. Setting up meetings with the companies and studios that I am interested in meeting is key.

For me, MeetToMatch is the best platform to schedule meetings and network.

Setting up meetings and tracking your schedule through MeetToMatch allows you to make the most of your time at gamescom.

Register within seconds…

I believe registering for any service or platform should be simple and user friendly. Registering with MeetToMatch takes only a few seconds.

Once you registered it is time to build your profile and possibly your company profile. This is very fast, although I do suggest being transparent. Let people know what you want to accomplish while attending games. For myself, I am there to focus on Networking and Content Creation.

Creating a transparent profile will really empower you when it comes to setting up meetings.

After you have set up your profile…

Once you have your profile set up, it is time to explore the Dashboard. I find this to be really exciting and very user-friendly.

I just set up my profile to show as an example, so I have no invitations yet on my dashboard. Who knows, maybe you will be my first invitation.

Time to network!

To start setting meetings you can search by company or a specific name of a person. I truly love this feature as I can look up companies and see their main contact person. This is also great if you are big networker on LinkedIn like I am. You really can expand your network easily with MeetToMatch.

Currently there are 48 pages of companies on MeetToMatch and more will be joining soon!

Just to give you an idea of some of the companies that you can connect with through MeetToMatch while attending gamescom!

The Explore feature

The explore feature on the MeetToMatch dashboard is also very cool.

You can view the showcase, job board as well as visit the Swiss Games and Netherlands Pavilions.

My Schedule feature…

This is where you will be able to see your entire schedule at a glance. This is really great and keep you organized. Planning your time wisely at event such as gamescom is important. The MeetToMatch “My Schedule” feature is brilliant.

This is what an empty schedule looks like. But you can see how organized it helps you be. I will start blocking my schedule today! Then I will know the WHO, WHEN and WHERE! Plus… I would not broadcast who I am meeting with, so it is good to show you what it looks like before I start setting up meetings.
Setting up a meeting with the gamesbot might be hard, as I heard he has quite a solid schedule booked. “Photo: Koelnmesse / gamescom / Author”

How to prepare…

If this is your first time attending a gamescom and setting up meetings with industry leaders do not be nervous. MeetToMatch has a blog about how to prepare before attending a big conference or trade fair such as gamescom. Read the blog here.

As MeetToMatch suggested, I already ordered my business cards. There is still time to order business cards through local print shops, so do not worry you may still have time to get some. Maybe we will even exchange cards at gamescom!

Servicing more than just gamescom…

MeetToMatch also has its platform connected to other major industry-related conferences worldwide. Thus, no matter which of the major conferences you are attending MeetToMatch will ensure that you are able to connect with the right people and companies.

These include: Melbourne International Games Week (Australia), GIC Poznan (Poland), GameOn (Lithuania), Nordic Game (Sweden), Ludicious (Switzerland), etc. Also importantly gamescom Asia! (hint hint… I so want to go).

They continuously update their calendar with upcoming events that they take part in.


It is important to be prepared before attending a big conference such as gamescom. I truly believe that MeetToMatch helps you maximize your experience and keep you on time.

The support and organization is invaluable. MeetToMatch really has built a platform that allows you to really connect with other industry professional and thought leaders.

Connect with MeetToMatch online.

MeetToMatch: Website / Instagram / LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter

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