Secretlab Titan Review: The best chair for gamers, graphic designers and people working remotely!

I have to say I really love my Secretlab Titan Amber chair!

No matter if you are a gamer, graphic designer or working remotely having the right chair is important. Comfortability, durability, as well as back support should play a role in selecting the right chair for your home office. In this article you will learn why I chose Secretlab’s Titan chair.


In 2012, I relocated from New York City to Germany. Because of this, I had to set up a new home studio. One where I could continue work at home as well as work on passion projects. Over time my home studio has evolved.

A little bit about me…

I primarily work in Marketing, Public Relations, Community Development and Social Media. On top of this, I am a Graphic Designer and even a Content Creator. This has lead to me becoming an influencer for various tech and software companies. When Corona hit, I began teaching Marketing four days a week from 9:30am to 4:45pm (sometimes later due to meetings and other variables). Additionally, I am a gamer…

So as you can imagine, I spend quite a bit of time each day and even on weekends working on the computer. Prior to purchasing the Secretlab Titan chair, I had a retro cool designer office chair circa 1950. As beautiful as this chair was, I began to experience back issues. Let’s face it, old-school designer office chairs were not meant to be sat in for extended periods of time.

I began researching the various office chairs, but because of my connections to the games industry… I felt it was also important to consider gaming chairs from companies such as DXRacer, GTRacing and even chairs from Corsair and Razer. In the end, I decided to go for the Secretlab Titan chair and I can honestly say I made the right decision.

Secretlab Product Line

Like many companies, Secretlab has their own product line. This includes the Omega, Titan and Titan XL.

Here you can view all the options for the Secretlab Omega, Titan and Titan XL. Secretlab Collections Page

I could have easily went with the Omega, but what attracted me to the Titan was the adjustable lumbar support. I will talk about that more in-depth later in this article. The Titan XL is nice and appealing, but I am 5'10" and roughly 185 lbs (my wife might laugh at that estimation)… so the Titan XL is a little too big for me.

Above you can see all the details relating to the Secretlab Titan 2020 Series.



There are three types of material that you can choose from. This includes: Prime 2.0 PU Leather, Softweave Fabric and NAPA Leather. I ended up choosing the Prime 2.0 PU Leather, but one friend that I convinced to buy a chair from Secretlab chose the Softweave Fabric.

Learn more about the difference between these two upholstery types here.

This was something I had to really consider when buying a chair as many people report that gaming chairs tend to peel after a while. Originally Secretlab was reported to having this problem but with further research I found out that this problem was mainly in areas with high humidity such as Singapore.

However, Secretlab taking this into consideration launched the Prime 2.0 PU Leather for their 2020 edition chairs… thus solving this issue. Also in Singapore and those areas in Asia, they have implemented a super customer service initiative to help anyone out experiencing this problem. Engineered to be four times more durable than regular PU leathers… needless to say, cheaper chairs from other brands can not compare. So problem solved no more peeling with the updated material!

As you can see in the infographic, they really put the Prime 2.0 PU Leather to the test. Which to me is quite impressive.

I would have considered the NAPA Leather upholstery, over the Prime 2.0 PU Leather… but that meant a large price increase. Which is was a little out of my budget this time around. But if you have the money they go for it.

Secretlab solved the problem of peeling with their 2020 Prime 2.0 PU Leather.

Cozy.. Comfy… Nice…

The body of the chair itself stands out against the competition in my opinion. Having sat in many chairs at expos, I can say I fell in love with Secretlab’s chairs. The cold-cure foam mix provides not only supreme comfort but the support I was looking for. I noticed quickly how it conforms to my body yet maintains its strength. Once you sit in of their chairs, you will notice just how good it feels.

Secretlab cold-cure foam is freshly poured into precise aluminum molds and cast as a single piece, ensuring it retains its integrity even after long hours of sitting, all while offering a firm and supportive feel that adapts and supports whatever sitting position you may desire.

4-D Armrests

Many companies offer adjustable armrests, but from my research I found Secretlab’s to be of higher quality.

Ok first, what do I mean by 4-D??? Well as seen image the armrests are highly adjustable. You can move them up/down, left/right, sideways and diagonally. Pretty easy to understand after seeing the image.

So what do I mean by higher quality? The base material of the armrest is stainless steel. Thus you do not have to worry about it breaking over time. Also, the armrest on top has a nice cushion as opposed to hard plastic.

Combine all of this and you have a really comfortable armrest that can be easily adjusted. The design is also meant to reduce the risks of carpal tunnel, which as a graphic designer/gamer I personally worry about. So thank you Secretlab for taking this into consideration!

Base and Hydraulics

Again, Secretlab really put a lot of thought into the design. The base is constructed of AD12 aluminum for sake of durability. The chair comes with Class 4 heavy-duty KGS gas pistons. This offers stability and safety.

Lumbar Support

As I mentioned at the beginning of the lumbar support is very important to me and as I age (we all do), it is something important to think about. This is one area that Secretlab Titan excels in.

Unlike the Omega, the Titian has an adjustable lumbar support integrated into the chair. This is similar to the Noblechairs Hero, however having tried various chairs at events such as Gamescom… I can say that the Secretlab Titan seems to be of a higher standard. The lumbar support offers a natural inward curve to match your lower spine which takes the stress off the muscles surrounding the spine.

Ideally this is how you should sit in any chair. This picture demonstrates that, plus features the Winston Funko Pop (just noticed that). See if you can spot Winston in my video!

The other great thing is that Secretlab tells you how to sit in your chair on the extra large instructions that come in the box. Needless to say, slouching is not sitting correctly.

Fair warning, this pillow sells out quickly every time they restock it. Click here.

Just to note, the Omega does come with a lumbar pillow made of memory foam. You can also order an additional one if you purchased the Titan. In fact, you can get this nifty League of Legends themed one. Who wouldn’t love having this Poro themed pillow?

Relax, Kick Back and Recline

Going back to the hydraulics… you can actually lean back relax and take nap after you get your work done or between games. I have yet to try, but I can say I do feel comfortable enough in the chair that I most likely could conk out after a long day. Granted, I did just a cool new couch in the living room that is massive… so most likely that is where I would do my cat naps. But it is nice to know that you can easily take a nap in your chair as well. The chair was designed with the perfect center of gravity and ergonomic support in mind.

I know this guy is posed in the picture, but I think one can see how easily it would be to drift away it a nice slumber.

Every chair comes with a pillow made of memory foam with a cooling gel pad encased in a velvet cover. Trust me you feel the effects of the cooling gel pad when you lean into the pillow. Who knows, maybe on a summer day I will fall try falling asleep in my chair.

Here you see what the pillow looks like inside that velvet case.


So here is where I might scare some of you. But when you think about the standard of the product that Secretlab produces you can understand the value of what you are getting.

I ordered my chair on Black Friday, so there was a sale going on. The chair cost 389 Euros. Normally it costs 500 Euros or $500 in the US. Now Secretlab does run sales, in fact it is currently running one. So if you watch out for the sales you can save money. The great thing is they do not charge shipping… which I think is great. As shipping for the massive heavy box it comes in would make me cringe if I had to pay for shipping, so I am very happy that shipping is free!

Some of you may still be scratching your head at the price, but again I did my research. I really did think long and hard. I weighed the options, looked at the other brands, watched a million YouTube videos and read a trillion reviews. It boils down to quality, trust and reliability.

Founded by Gamers…

Photo Credit GenT. Read the GenT article HERE.

Secretlab was founded by two competitive gamers, Ian Alexander Ang and Alaric Choo. Now, this is important as they wanted to design a chair that could be beneficial for gamers as well as office workers. One thing I can say about the gaming community is that you have to stay true to them or they will bite back. Ian and Alaric have proven that they care about the gaming community as well as people who purchase their chairs. This has even led to partnerships with other gamers as well as studios, which I will talk about later.

Warranty… and Smart Marketing

Each chair comes with a three year warranty. Which I find to be very nice, as not all chairs do. But Secretlab was very smart when it comes to marketing, if you share an image or video of your chair on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram they will extend the warranty an additional two years. Thus, you get a five year warranty. What chair company does that? Besides Secretlab, no one!

Since I work in Marketing and PR as well as work as an influnecer for various companies, I have to say this is brilliant (by the way I am not sponsored by Secretlab). It also allows the Secretlab community to share their chairs as well as their home office, home studio, man cave (woman cave… yes ladies can have one too) or game room. Additional promotion from fans of the product shows how others are enjoying their purchase. Kudos to the Secretlab Marketing team!!!

Collaborations, Let Your Inner Fan Boy Or Girl Shine

Another smart Marketing initiative is that Secretlab has partnered with various studios, companies and teams to produce special edition chairs.

Get your Cyberpunk 2077 action on. This chair sells out fast… I was so tempted by it alas, it was out of stock. Yes, I like Cyberpunk got the Press Statue and Press Jacket from Gamescom!!! Privileges of having a Press Pass!

This special editions include: Riot Games (League of Legends), DC Comics (Batman and Joker… hey wait no Superman???), Harely Quinn (Birds of Prey), Blizzard Entertainment (Overwatch & World of Warcraft), CD Projekt Red (Cyberpunk 2077), Dota 2, esports teams (Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, etc.), Deadmau5, Game of Thrones, sports teams (Three Lions) and more. These cost a little more that than standard edition, but are perfect for true fans!

The back of the Overwatch chair is stunning.

As an Overwatch junkie, I heavily consider the Overwatch chair. It is really a beauty. Alas, I think I will wait for Overwatch 2 before investing in it (get on the ball Jeff Kaplan!!!!). They also offer a D.Va themed chair as well, granted that is probably a little too pink for my taste.

Move over Louis Vitton and Vogue, Secretlab has also partnered with Riot Games to produce not only League of Legends themed chairs but a stunning KDA chair that will blow Rioters away!

So if you are a KDA fan and love Evelynn, Kai’Sa, Ahri, and Akali then you will like this chair.

Easy To Assemble

Since I included the video, I do not think I need to say how easy it was to assemble. I did it by myself although it is recommended for two people to do it. Once you make the order, they send you an email with a link that explains how to assemble it. When you open the box there are even more instructions. So you really can not mess it up.

They provide you with all the resources to put it together easily without any fuss.


Just like all things you buy, you have to take care of them. The great thing is that Secretlab guides you on how to maintain your chair.

In this article they tell you how to maintain your chair. Click HERE.

Cleaning your chair will increase longevity. In fact, you can order their special leather cleaner for only 24 Euros. Now, I did not order it yet but I do plan on doing so. I know that they probably created a formula that works well on their chair and on other leathers according to their site. I am actually scared to use other types of cleaners on it. Not because of the chair, but because other cleaners might contain nasty chemicals that could damage the chair… so better to be safe rather than sorry and go for the cleaner that Secretlab sells.


I was looking for a chair with that would provide my back with the proper support. After researching chairs for hours on end I decided to go with the Secretlab Titan.

Even if it is a little pricey, I believe proper lumbar support as well as comfortability is well worth the cost.

Another factor was that it was a product by two people who have are gamers, thus they know what is like to sit for extended periods of time. Like I said pro gamers know how to treat their community.

In the end I highly recommend the Titan chair. Not only is it beautifully designed it will provide you with the support that your body deserves.

My Plan

In twelve months, I will make a follow-up video to let everyone know how well the chair stood up against the test of time. I have no doubt that it will. So make sure to follow my YouTube channel.

If You Have Questions

Do you have specific questions that you would like to ask me about my chair?

If so please visit the YouTube video that I shared at the beginning of this article and leave me a comment there. I always do my best to answer questions that people have.

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